(and some more people as well)

Well, That's me .. the 2001 version at least.. as you can see i like guitars :).



Yey, a kiss from me baby ;)

__ __

The sweet thing you see here is non
other than my baby girl Hadar! (on the Right)
Good enough to eat :)

Left: Me and Karin (A good friend i met while in the Army)
Right:  Me & Adam on the way to the Kinneret, May 2001.


These are pictures of Me and Miri from August 2000 !

____ ____

Right: Me playing my current guitar.
Left: Me at the age of 16. ___


Left: Asaf, Adios & Me, Eilat, March 2001.
Right: Rockin' The Casbah, Jan 2001.

___ ___ 

That's the little Aviv, it was taken when i was maybe 4 or 5 years old, with my mother.


Get back, Get back, Get back to where you once belonged..

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