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This page is dedicated to the first generation computer games which some of us grew on.
back at the late 70's and the early 80's when the most popular machines were the all mighty
spectrum, the atari and the commodore! i used to love them so much, even if it took the
games hours to load, when the game has began, it was all worth it !

at the early 80's a new system came into our life, it was the first PC machines, which had
no more then 640k ram, a green scale monitor (some of us were lucky and had the CGA
4-colours monitor) and a 360k floppy drive, but that didn't bother no one, and the games
were kickin' all of the time, from the jumpy 2-d arcades to the all complex quests from
sierra! you always had something good to play, but that's all in the past now, right?


in my page you will be able to get all of the all-time classics for most popular machines
that you'v used to play. so, lets gets busy and download some of the best games that ever
were, are, and will be! who said you can't travel to the past ? :)


The All - Mighty ZX Spectrum !


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   26/11/00  -   Site is still on test, so for now the links for the
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Click on the Screenshot to download the game.

Name: Alley Cat
Description: Escape the dog! jump on the trash cans, enter the window, and perform your mission,
if you did good, you'l get the chance to save the kitty and to win her heart, or something :)
Stars: ****

Name: Pacman
Description: "Mmmm, Dots, Yum Yum Give Me Some." This is something Pacman would say, the
thing is, i never understood why they called him pacman, he doesn't seem like a man to me.. eh?
An All Time Classic !
Stars: ****

Name: Airlift Rescue
Description: Use the copper to get the hostages or whatever they are from ono side to another,
ofcourse, under constant fire !!
Stars: ***

Name: Rampage
Description: This was one of my favorites, 3 monsters who are acually people, destroys houses,
causes riots, fights the army & the police, FUN :)
Stars: *****

Name: Space Invaders
Description: I think this is the 1st game i can recall playing, along with Alley Cat that is.Simple,
but so fun, i just loved the flying saucer in the sky, shoot shoot shoot!
Stars: ****

Name: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Description: This was pretty hard, and had great graphics for the time, still is one of the classic
pc-games of the late 80's ... 1,2 freddy's coming for you :)
Stars: ***

Name: Double Dragon
Description: The 1st ever real fighting arcade for pc and arcade machines! i used to spend hours
on this, the picture is acually from DD2 but it looks quite the same..
Stars: *****

Name: Commander Keen
Description: The Best platform game EVER! had more then 9 sequels, but the 1st was always
considered to be the best. also part 3 & 4 are very good! A Must !
Stars: ****

Name: Operation Wolf
Description:That was the 1st first person view shooting game i played. oh so nostalgic and oh so cool !
Stars: ***

Name: Digger
Description: Need i Say More?? Use F1 to fire a star on the monsters ! Haa, I'm off playing
some, cant resist :)
Stars: *****

Name: Burger Time
Description: That a really old classic game, what you need to do here,is to make the buns fall
down with the hamburger inside, its fun, simple yet complex ! Recommended !
Stars: ***

Name: Lakers Vs Celtics / NBA PLAYOFFS
Description: The best basket-ball game of the 80's , its the NBA playoffs, and you can chose teams
from each side (east&west) and even the all-star team!
Stars: *****

Name: Paperboy
Description: Super Classic Paper Boy :) drive you bike, shoot the papers to those who have subscription,
watch for the obsticales, and if you are lucky, try and find the ramps!
Stars: ***

Name: Wolfenstein3D
Description: The 1st 3D game, was made on the 286 days, and had reallygood graphics, yet still
its considered to be a classic. this game folowed by some succesors such as DOOM and DUKE3D.
Stars: ***

Name: Beer Tapper
Description: Now That's old ! the goal is to deliver beer to the customers, and get the glasses back
for a re-fill.. its a fast game, and a classic one for sure!
Stars: **


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