______________Israels 1st & Only RAMONES force on the Web!

_The Dates: 10th of November 2001 and 18th of January 2002.
_The Place: The Patiphone Club in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
_The Event: A live concert Tribute to Joey Ramone!
_The Band: Useless I.D with Evil Haim & Eyal Peleg the 3rd.
__________Vocals:_Eyal Peleg the 3rd.
__________Guitars: Guy "Rasta".
__________Bass: "Evil" Haim.
__________Drums:_Ishay "Tzufi".
_The Fans: an Infusiastic crowd of Punk Rockers from all over Israel and also
 __________more than a few tourists were sighted.
_Clebreties: among the fans Shy Nobleman, Maor Cohen, Leon Rozenberg,  ___________Sharon Kantor & Aviv Stern (Hey! i'm a celeb as well !) were spotted. 
_The Songs: Ramones covers from "Judy is a punk" to "Glad to see you go".
_Television: Ramones mania also did a prime time T.V gig in channel BIP.

_Review:  well, I got inside at 23:00 or so, the Patiphone is small place but it was
_________full and the show went sold out! there were people who got left outside,
_________that was why a 2nd show was scheduled later. anyway, i bought myself
_________a local beer and went to check out the songs playlist, yeap, i was pretty
_________happy, they were all good songs to jump with. till the show had began,
_________i got to speak with some fans, it was pretty cool. the band came on, and
_________took 1 minute of silence for the memory of Joey, without furthor talking a
_________1-2-3-4 yell was heard and the place started to move, lots of jumping,
_________lots of pogo, lots of fun, the camera man almost broke his camera and
_________other body parts while trying to film from inside the pogo circle! Peleg
_________was really charismatic and gave 100% pure rock&roll baby! the band
_________played well without changing much, an hour later, the show was over,
_________and i went home with the smell of cigarettes & sweat but happy. :)

Here is some more Media Coverage from the Local Papers.

An Article about the coming of the 2nd
show from "City Mouse" magazine in
Tel-Aviv. (hebrew)


A full review of the 2nd show
from the "City Mouse" magazine
in Tel-Aviv. (hebrew)


This is the poster that was hung
on walls to advertise the show!


Video Clips

( in order to see the videos you will need the
new DIVX 4.12 codec, and you can get it HERE )

Click on a video in order to download/view.

Clip from "Pinhead"
shows Peleg the 3rd with
the Gabba Gabba Hey! sign.

Clip from "Judy is a Punk"
shows Me & Peleg the 3rd
singing along on the 1st show.
gabba-gabba-hey_thumb.jpg 3.8K
Clip from "Pinhead"
shows Peleg the 3rd shouting
D-U-M-B everone acusing me!
aviv-peleg_thumb.jpg 2.7K
Clip from "Judy is a Punk"
from the 2nd show.

This is the "Blizkriek Bop!"
Hey Ho! Recommended!

This is "California Sun"
from a prime time TV
show in channel BIP.

This is Peleg talk about
Joey on prime time TV
in channel BIP.

A clip from the song
"R&R HighSchool"

more are coming very very soon, so come back to update ..

from the 1st show. 10th of November 2001, - CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

aviv-hadar_thumb.jpg 3.6K
A view at the fans,
I'm the one with the
black T-shirt.
guy-rasta_thumb.jpg 3.0K
guy-rasta in action!
aviv-pogo_thumb.jpg 3.0K
Pogo! Pogo! Pogo!
drummer_thumb.jpg 4.0K
Ishay in Action!
peleg-psycho_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Psycho Therapy, it's
what Peleg the 3rd
gabba-gabba-hey_thumb.jpg 3.8K
gabba gabba hey!
peleg-bend_thumb.jpg 3.3K
Peleg in Action!
peleg-hey-ho_thumb.jpg 2.7K
Hey! Ho! Lets Go!
peleg-needs-therapy_thumb.jpg 3.4K
Peleg singing to Fans!

from the 2nd show. 18th of January 2002, CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
guy-rasta_thumb.jpg 3.0K
Guy Rasta in Action!
joey-peleg_thumb.jpg 2.9K
A Picture of 
Peleg the 3rd with
Joey Ramone.
macabi-haifa-belly_thumb.jpg 2.1K
Evil Haim's Belly!
with-fans_thumb.jpg 3.0K
Singing along with
peleg-poza_thumb.jpg 2.8K
Peleg Ramone?
peleg-poza2_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Peleg Ramone!
aviv-peleg_thumb.jpg 2.7K
Thats me singing
"Judy is a Punk" along
with Peleg the 3rd.
what-da-fuck_thumb.jpg 3.1K
This guy did a song
for the memory of Joey.
evil-haim_thumb.jpg 3.0K
Evil Haim in Action!

How many people's been here?

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This page was designed by Aviv Stern - (c) October 2000.
All html / graphics  work by Aviv Stern - (c) October 2000.

Thanks: Adam Oslander, Hadar Ageyev, Gil Disatnik, Eyal Peleg, Jari-Pakka Latio, Tripod,
besen.com, Boards 2 go & Last but not least, you guys, the Ramones fans !!

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