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_Whats new on the Ramones world ?

  1/11/05 - New shopping comparison engine - buy ramones cd's online! Shopaluza Comparison Shopping Search Engine USA 

  24/12/02 - Merry X-mas RAMONES fans!

 19/12/02 - A tribute to Joey Ramone of The RAMONES X-mas Spirit bash was held in NYC with the
                   misfits, Marky Ramone, Daniel Rey and more.

 12/09/02 - Your faithful WEBMASTER is going on vacation to Europe
                   i'll be back in 2 months, i hope i'll have a good trip but i wont
                   be able to update the page, sorry :) i'll see you guys later!

 11/09/02 - God Bless America.

  27/07/02 - Johnny Ramone is working on a tribute album to Ramones along
                   with Rob Zombie, ramones tracks will be recorded with Metallica.
 ___            RHCP, Eddie Veder, Motorhead, Pretenders, Static-X, U2 & more

 05/06/02 - Dee Dee Ramone of The RAMONES, was found dead at June 5th at his home in
                   L.A, Cause is a drug overdose. R.I.P.

 09/05/02 - The Monthly Poll!  has been replaced.

 13/04/02 - More videos were added to the Ramones MANIA section!

 07/03/02 - The Monthly Poll!  has been replaced.

Last Polls....

 _I Asked: Would you like to see 
_________a Reunion of the
_________Ramones with C.J.
_________as lead singer?

 _You Answered:

   1. Without Joey? HELL - NO ! 55%
   2. Yeah! that would be great ! 26%
   3. I don't mind. 9%
   4. Who the hell is C.J. ?!?! 8%

Last Polls....

 _I Asked: Who's your favorite 
                    Ramones Member?

 _You Answered:

   1. Joey 54%
   2. Dee Dee 14%
   3. Johnny 13%
   4. Marky 9%
   5. C.J. 5%
   6. Tommy 4%
   7. Richie 1%

Last Polls....

 _I Asked: Have you ever seen 
_________the Ramones play live 
_________or met with any of them?

 _You Answered:

   1. Nope, wish i could. 36%
   2. Yeah! I saw them play live ! 23%
   3. Only in my DREAMS. 22%
   4. I met Joey ! 5%
   5. I met Marky ! 3%
 _6. I met Dee Dee ! 3%
   7. Neither , but i had the chance ! 2%
   8. I met Johnny ! 1%

Hey Ho! Lets go! (to some Features that is)

A Section Dedicated to the Memory of Joey ..

Pictures, Videos & Much Info about the Live Tribute
show to Joey Ramone that was held in Tel-Aviv.

The RAMONES Forum, Talk with other fans on RAMONES issues.

A Complete Overview Look on the RAMONES, All the info you need to know!

Got a Guitar? Wanna Play RAMONES music? Click Here!

Okay, So you dont have a guitar but you wanna sing eh? :) Click Here!

Links to Official/Fan sites, Interviews & other Media Coverage.

    Pictures of the RAMONES.

If you got a good Midi/Sound Card that is pretty Cute :)

Sign my book and win a brand new car! (no shit)

View my book! Its free of charge :)

Gabba Gabba

We Accept You

Dee Dee Ramone - 1952-2002



Joey Ramone - 1951-2001




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