Ramones is group from Forest Hills, New York. They started to play as a trio in March 1974. Ritchie was   replaced soon by Dee Dee, Joey was at first drummer, but four months later manager Tommy became a  drummer and let Joey sing. All Ramones took Ramone for surname. The original members were singer:  Joey Ramone , lead guitar:Johnny Ramone, Basist: Dee Dee Ramone and drummer: Tommy Ramone. They got their first attention on the New York rockscene in August 1974. They got rousing approval from audience in CBGB in the Manhattan Bowery district. Ramones played many times in CBGB and too all around N.Y.

Sire Records signed them up in late 1975. Their first TV appearance was at Radio City Studios in N.Y 1975 and their debut LP, Ramones, came out in early 1976. This music was really fresh and vibrant. Ramones has invented punk. Their concerts included a summer visit to London. They met there with The Damned and The Clash in fourth of july. The Clash had began in that day and The Damned just a week before. Sex Pistols had started before, but they based
their music on Ramones sound.

Their real names are:

Joey - Jeffry (Ramone) Hyman
Johnny - John (ramone) Cummings
Dee Dee - Douglas (Ramone) Colvin
Marky - Marc (Ramone) Bell
Tommy - Thomas (Ramone) Erdelyi
C.J. - Christopher Joseph (Ramone) Ward

How many albums have the Ramones released?

The Ramones have released 14 studio albums.  They are:

  • Ramones (1976)
  • Leave Home (1977)
  • Rocket To Russia (1977)
  • Road To Ruin (1978)
  • End Of The Century (1980)
  • Pleasant Dreams (1981)
  • Subterranean Jungle (1983)
  • Too Tough To Die (1984)
  • Animal Boy (1986)
  • Halfway To Sanity (1987)
  • Brain Drain (1989)
  • Mondo Bizzaro (1992)
  • Acid Eaters (an album of cover songs) (1994)
  • Adios Amigos (1995)
More Releases:

It's Alive (1979), Loco Live (1991), Greatest Hits Live (1996), and We're Outta Here! (1997).  They have also released three compilations: All The Stuff Vol. 1, All The Stuff Vol. 2, and Ramones Mania.

How old are the Ramones?

Joey was born May 19, 1951.
Johnny was born October 8, 1948.
Dee Dee was born September 18, 1951.
Marky was born July 15, 1956.
Tommy was born January 29, 1952.
C.J. was born October 8, 1965.
Richie was born August 11, 1957.

Ramones Movie

Yes.  The Ramones were in the 1979 motion picture Rock 'n' Roll Highschool, directed by Allan Arkush.  The Ramones were featured prominently in this film about high school student Riff Randle (played by P.J. Soles) and her quest to get tickets to an upcoming Ramones show. Rock 'n' Roll High School is available on videocassette and laser disc, and the soundtrack is still available on compact disc.

Why did Tommy Ramone leave the band?

Tommy was with the band from the beginning, and drummed on their first three studio albums.  Tommy's last show was May 4, 1978, at CBGB in New York. Tommy left under amiable terms, citing a dislike of touring and desire to be a producer.  He returned to produce the albums Road to Ruin and Too Tough To Die.

Why did Marky Ramone leave the band?

Marky was Tommy's replacement, joining the band in 1978.  His first show was on June 29, 1978, in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Marky suffered from a severe drinking problem which led to his departure in 1983.  In fact, his drinking problem even caused him to miss a show on October 10, 1981, in Virginia Beach.  Marky's last show before being replaced by Richie Ramone was November 27, 1982, in Islip, Long Island.  Marky returned to the Ramones in 1987.

Why did Dee Dee Ramone leave the band?

Numerous reasons have been cited for Dee Dee's departure.  In Ramones: An American Band, by Jim Bessman, Dee Dee's wife Vera says the reason was a combination of the pressure of touring, constant songwriting, and recording, as well as his difficulties with sobriety.  Dee Dee's last show was July 5, 1989, in Santa Clara, California.  Dee Dee's replacement was C.J. who played his first show on September 30, 1989, in Leicester, England.

Who are The Intruders?

After the Ramones retired, drummer Marky formed his own band called Marky Ramone and The Intruders and released a self-titled album on Thirsty Ear Records.  The music is very similar to the Ramones, and any fan should enjoy it.  For more information, go to the URL: http://www.redshift.com/~jpeoples/intruders.htm

Is there an official Ramones Web Site?

On December 1, 1999, www.officialramones.com opened.  It is the official Ramones Web site, and is run by Arturo Vega, who has worked for the band since 1974.  Go there for band information, rare photos, and to join the Ramones 1*2*3*4 Fan Club.

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